STARFLEET Medical is a separate branch of STARFLEET International.   Our focus is to oversee medical operations and provide assistance to Chapter and Regional Medical Officers in giving medical information and resources to the members of STARFLEET.

Our services to the Fleet include:

  • Provide each chapter and by extension, each member, support to further medical knowledge and/or programs for the chapter/individual
  • Encourage chapters/members to become certified in CPR/First-Aid and to promote such training in their communities.
  • Achieve a short-term goal of at least one member of each chapter to be certified in CPR/First-Aid.
  • Hold a “Medical: Panel” and provide medical Information at IC and/or local Regional Summits.
  • Blood Drives “If permitted by the event committee”.
  • Achieve a long-term goal of having every member in SFI to have some sort of CPR/First-Aid training and to encourage every chapter to hold annual CPR/First-Aid Awareness Events and provide free or low-cost training to their communities.

If you are currently serving your chapter as a Chief Medical Officer, nursing staff or technicians then the STARFLEET Medical Corps is interested in hearing from you.

Currently the Assistant Surgeon General for Region 20 has settled into a quite corner office within  Facebook .  Please drop by and say hello.


Commodore Scott Peter SFMD
Assistant Surgeon General, Region 20
STARFLEET Medical Corps
STARFLEET International




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